Big Ed's Craft Ale Kits

Big Ed's Craft Ale Equipment


Our equipment contains all the specialist equipment* you need to need to make 18 bottles of fantastic craft ale on your kitchen hob. Full instructions are included. Prices start at just £89 for the equipment alone and at £104 for the equipment + one ingredient pack. Buy this equipment and at least one ingredient pack to start your life as a master craft brewer.

The pans in our standard kits are only suitable for gas cookers. Our deluxe kit, whilst it is more expensive, comes with an awesome thick bottomed graduated 16L pan with a glass lid that normally retails at around £40 alone and can be used for much besides brewing! The deluxe pans can be used on induction, electric and gas hobs. 

Each set of Craft Ale Equipment contains:

  • An easy to follow instruction booklet
  • A 15L stainless steel brew pan and lid (the brewing-vessel)
  • A 12.5 litre white plastic bucket and lid (the fermenting-bucket)
  • An airlock and grommet
  • A fine mesh drawstring brew bag - hand made in Yorkshire (the brew bag)
  • A glass thermometer
  • A siphon assembly
  • A tub of sanitizer
  • Two British sheep's wool insulating blankets - one short, one long
  • One cloth and one scrubber
  • A pair of thick rubber gloves
  • A cork tile – for insulating the bottom of the pan during the mash
  • Bottling stick

* In addition to the supplied kit you will need: 

  • A relatively accurate measuring jug of at least 1 litre capacity – If you have no jug, use an old cleaned milk bottle
  • Saucepan(s), capable of bringing 4 litres of water to 77°C
  • A domestic cooker
  • A large slotted spoon or similar
  • A reliable timer with a countdown function and alarm – your mobile phone should have this function
  • Enough bottles to hold 10 litres of beer, and a method of closing them.  The cheapest way to get hold of these is to use old carbonated plastic drinks bottles, coke or sparkling water for example.  Grolsch style spring top bottles are excellent.  Old capped beer bottles can be re-sealed with fresh caps and a capping device (available from our store)

1Electric hob users please be aware - we have had a small number of problems reported by users of underpowered halogen hobs, whereby these brewers have had some difficulty in obtaining a rolling boil with the full volume of liquid.  If you own an electric hob, please ensure your hob is capable of bringing 13.5 litres of water to a rolling boil prior to ordering a kit.  If you have any doubts please read our FAQ section or contact us for advice.  Users of gas and induction hobs have never experienced these problems. NB standard pans for electric hobs are currently only available by special order - please contact us for advice.