Big Ed's Craft Ale Kits

The Simoce Masher ingredient pack has now been replaced by the Mosaic Thump ingredient pack to take advantage of this newly available incredible hop. Still at the great price of £12.

Other new packs include:

  • Craft Melb-A-le 5.5% - £15: A delicious fruity wheat-beer. Nuff said!
  • Smoked Cherry Ale 6.4% - £15: A strong complex red wheat beer with brandy-like almost medicinal qualities. Not for the faint hearted
  • Plum Porter 6% - £17: A rich, unctuous, Robust Porter. Belgian Special B malt adds a delicious raisin like sweetness whilst New Zealand Rakau hops provide a balancing bitterness and the aroma and flavour of fresh orchard fruits. Add some plums to the boiled wort for extra fruitiness

It is now possible to buy the equipment without the ingredients... and, indeed, to buy a full kit you need to buy both separately.  

More info, ingredient packs and a newsletter... coming soon.

Written by Edward Thatcher — July 30, 2015

Equipment + Ingredients from £105 (total cost)

Please ensure you buy one set of equipment and at least one ingredient pack to make up a complete kit!


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