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On Friday the 27th of March I will be giving a short presentation of my kits, my thoughts on recipe formation and other beery ramblings at the beautiful Sheffield Brewery Company Tap Room, Percy Street, Sheffield, S3 8BT as part of their Beer Club’s HOME-BREWERS SPECIAL PRESENTATION.  I will also be bringing along some recent eclectic brews for people to taste.

There will be music from the Sevenths, four loveable oddballs who just happen to know how to play instruments. The Sevenths are aged between 22 and 50 and have been going for seven years. Being called the Sevenths and having been in existence for seven years it now seems the right time for them to record their first studio album. They have had two recent singles and played a few festivals as well as the soundtrack to a forthcoming film. These promise to rock the brewery.  Watch them here first before they hit the big time!!!

There will also be a presentation by Sheffield Brewery Company's very own Dr Tim Stillman, head brewer, and home-brewer for almost 40 years!!

Whilst there is normally a membership charge to join the beer club, Tim is prepared to waive this for the evening for members of the Sheffield Brew Club and for friends and clients of Big Ed’s Craft Ale kits.  So get down there for a fantastic evening of beer, music and chat!  If you want to pick up any equipment or ingredient packs from me at the event, let me know and I will bring them along.

Presentations will kick off from 7pm.  Anyone interested in the delights of home-brewing should not miss this evening!

For more information about Sheffield Brewery Company's monthly Beer Club have a look here:

Written by Edward Thatcher — March 19, 2015

Equipment + Ingredients from £105 (total cost)

Please ensure you buy one set of equipment and at least one ingredient pack to make up a complete kit!


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