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Had a fantastic evening last night at the Sheffield Brew Club.  Held at the Bath Hotel and run by a group of passionate and enthusiastic home brewers this club is brilliant.  After brief and friendly introductions we started to sample seemingly endless amounts of fantastic beer and to have seemingly endless amounts of chat about beer and brewing... Wonderful!

I was very inspired by some of the beers we tried.  Some members of the group had used some yeast strains I haven't previously tried, strains that gave very interesting spicy, peppery and even tobacco (or perhaps electric cigarette e-liquid) notes to the beers they had produced.  And those descriptions are all meant as compliments.  Ian, one of the groups founders had produced an awesome roasted tomato saison.  Ed's American Brown Ale was a fantastic hop-mungous beast of a beer and has totally rekindled my interest in dry hopping.  He put 50 grams in 14 litres.  Very inspiring.

Watch this space for recipes inspired by this great evening out... and if you live in Sheffield get yourself along next month.   Check their twitter feed for the dates.

Written by Edward Thatcher — June 11, 2014

Equipment + Ingredients from £105 (total cost)

Please ensure you buy one set of equipment and at least one ingredient pack to make up a complete kit!


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