Big Ed's Craft Ale Kits

Jim's Whitey 5.2% - £15  

A fantastic American style Wheat Beer hopped with Manderina Bavaria hops. The special Munich yeast imparts some classic wheat beer funk whilst the hops the hops impart pineapple, lemon and citrus flavours with a resinous, herbal finish. Delicious.

Written by Edward Thatcher — April 04, 2016

Equipment + Ingredients from £110 (total cost)

Please ensure you buy one set of equipment and at least one ingredient pack to make up a complete kit!


'Big Ed' sets up commercial nano-brewery

I worked with local food events and trading cooperative, Regather, to set up Sheffield newest and smallest commercial brewery.  We specialise in brewing the best Craft Ale, with nowt taken out (just...

New improved kit

Our prices have gone up a little, but each kit is now supplied with a two lever bottle capper, 40 bottle caps and a bottling stick!


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